3 Common Business Plan Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There are many reasons you need to make a business plan, and one of the most important would be to attract investors. With their help, you can get the financial support required to kick-start your business and start growing.

That said, few business plans come out perfect, and even fewer attract investors. Many mistakes can occur when creating one, and if you want to ensure your business plan does not have the same problems that many other plans have, it pays to know what those mistakes are. 

With that in mind, here are the common business plan mistakes you must avoid to attract investors successfully.

1. There are errors in the writing 

Even if you are the best entrepreneur in the world, you can fall short of finding investors simply because your business plan is not written properly. Although investors do not expect perfect English in every plan, any errors (such as grammatical and punctuational errors) can sow a seed of doubt into their minds.

When they discover such simple errors in your writing, they will start to believe that there are other issues with your plan and business as a whole. Additionally, if the tone of your plan does not sound too convincing or clear, it can also reduce your chances of success.

For that reason, be sure to check your plan thoroughly beforehand. If you are not too great at that, you can work with someone with the necessary expertise. They will make sure your plan is error-free and written in an attractive and engaging way for the investors.

2. The plan is unclear or overly detailed

If a plan is unclear or overly detailed, it can be a big turn off for many investors. If the average individual cannot determine what your business is about, your investors will not believe in its success.

Note that this might occur because you are trying to keep your secrets confidential. If so, show the investors a summary of your business. If that draws their interest, have them sign a non-compete and nondisclosure agreement before sharing the plan. If they do not sign it, do not do anything further.

On the other hand, writing a business plan that is too complex will give your investors a headache. As such, simplify whenever possible. If you need to include plenty of details, do so in the appendix. Remember, your executive summary should be no more than three pages, the business plan should be no more than twenty, and the appendix can be as long as you need it to be.

3. The plan does not have the necessary information

A one-way ticket to failure is to exclude critical information in your business plan. For example, you may be talking about your operations and your products. However, if you leave out marketing and your competitors, that will be a red flag for the investors.

You must address all the necessary information in your business plan. It must include operations, competitors, customers, products or services, marketing, sales, and management. These are the bare minimum you need for a complete plan. If you provide any less, the investors might ask too many questions for you to be comfortable with.


By remembering these common mistakes and avoiding them when creating your business plan, you can create a perfect business plan in no time. That being said, do not focus all your efforts on writing a business plan and leave out the presentation. By ensuring that the presentation is on par with the quality of your business plan, your investors will become interested in what you have to say, giving you a high chance of getting the investment you need.

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