Business Plans & Pricing

We can offer business plans, feasibility studies or more in-depth business planning consulting. Here is everything you need to know about pricing, timeframes and what’s included.

Business Plans

The business plans we produce are suitable for all purposes, including raising investment (Angel or venture capital), securing a bank loan, or for supporting a Tier 1 visa application. Our plans have also been helpful for other purposes such as for compliance purposes. They are also useful for both start-up businesses and for companies that are more established.

What does it include?

The price of your plan includes a dedicated business planning consultant, commercial intelligence gathering services, market and industry analysis, business modelling, revenue/costs analysis, commercial viability assessment, and of course your final business plan.

Within your plan you can expect to find the following: Executive Summary, Business Background, Commercial Overview, Consumer Segments and Target Audience, Market Research, Value Proposition, SWOT Analysis, Competitive Information, Marketing Strategy, Business Development and Growth Strategy, Sales Forecast, Resources, Financial Statements, Exit Strategy and Management. Your Financials will include a Financial Summary, Profit and Loss Forecast, Cash Flow Forecast and Balance Sheet.

The process

Once we’ve had our short consultation and you’ve decided to go ahead, our business plan writing service begins when you return our business plan questionnaire to us. We use this questionnaire to gather the necessary detail we will need about your business to research and develop your professional plan. Once we have the questionnaire back we’ll carry out the research and analysis to write your plan and carry out the financial modelling.


The price and timescales will depend on:

1. How much work you have already done – that is, research, writing and financials

2. How much finance you are aiming to raise

3. The level of detail you need for your plan

The price range is £800 to £1,500. Turnaround times from the initial meeting are typically 2 to 6 weeks.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation, so that we can discuss your precise requirements.

Feasibility Study

The purpose of a feasibility study is usually to ensure that your business idea is feasible and practical to deliver, and that it is commercially viable, before you invest any time or money.

What does it include?

The price of your feasibility study includes a dedicated business planning consultant, commercial intelligence gathering services, market and industry analysis and your feasibility study documenting our findings.

Within your plan you can expect to find any of the following, depending on the purpose of your study: Business modelling, business blueprint, revenue/costs analysis (high level), angle/opportunity/timing indicators and commercial viability report.

The process

After we’ve agreed to go ahead, our development of your feasibility study begins once we receive our questionnaire back from you. From the details within we’ll carry out detailed research and analysis, business modelling and high-level revenue and costs analysis, to produce your feasibility study.


Pricing will depend on the scale of the study you want to complete. Please contact us to discuss your precise requirements.

Business Planning Plus – Price by Quotation

Purpose of Study

This really depends on you and your unique business situation. This service could involve any of the following, depending on your requirements: deeper market and industry analysis, pitch deck/presentation, performance measurement and reporting tools, project management, marketing support, marketing plan, business development support, strategic advisor, web development, crowd funding campaigns, or investor introductions.

What does it include?

As above, this will depend on your specific needs.

The process

Your dedicated consultant will discuss your needs with you and provide you with a quotation. Your consultant will agree deliverables and timeframes with you and will work on the business planning consulting tasks you require.


This is a consultancy service, designed to give you ongoing additional support after your business plan is completed. The pricing for this service is bespoke, and tailored to the type and level of support that you need.

Our Funding Partners include: Banks, Venture Capital Firms, Angel Investors