3 Tips to Brainstorm a Unique Business Idea During the Pandemic

The global health crisis has filled the world with uncertainty in many ways. Millions of people have lost their sources of income, and many countries have returned to various forms of lockdown. Given all the adverse world events that have been covered by the news, it can be a challenge to remain optimistic. With no visible end in sight, circumstances remain incredibly unpredictable until a reliable vaccine is released.

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. Many enterprises have innovated according to the crisis and continued to thrive, especially when adapting their product offerings to the current circumstances. If you’d like to try your hand at coming up with a unique business idea during the pandemic, here are three helpful tips: 

1. Focus on the Three Rs

You want to ensure your business succeeds, especially in a time of massive economic uncertainty. To do that, you’ll have to focus on the three Rs: rapid, recover, and revenue. You’ll have to be fast when it comes to recovering revenue, primarily when the crisis dies down and things begin to normalise. Doing so allows you to position yourselves for the long haul and leap ahead of the competition. 

The three Rs will not only help you survive the crisis but provide the framework for how companies must operate. However, achieving this may not sound as straightforward as it looks. By conducting extensive research into your business idea, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you’ll need to do to succeed. That includes rethinking your operating model, expanding your digital channels, and understanding what your customers will value after COVID-19.

2. Modernise Your Processes

Now that we’re several months into the pandemic, most people have settled into a rhythm or routine in their daily lives. You currently have a golden opportunity to evaluate how your team has been working, and if it’s a productive setup. Are they more efficient when working remotely? Or will they benefit more from regular face-to-face interactions, even if it’s just for a few days a week? Factoring in these questions will help you modernise your processes and set the stage for inspiration to strike. 

You can also use this time to analyse your operations for any inefficiencies and bottlenecks that are costing you. Inefficiencies can manifest in inadequate programs, an unrefined product strategy, or bad time management. With this knowledge, you can improve these areas and improve both your productivity and profitability. 

3. Take Initiative

The pandemic has given people hours of unexpected free time thanks to strict lockdown measures. Instead of going out to lunch or watching films in the cinema, most people are confined to the safety of their homes. This confinement has opened up a lot of valuable time that you can use to work on your company’s future.

Being proactive is key to a thriving enterprise, so anticipating the needs of your customers will help your company become future-oriented. Reflect on your company’s goals and the actionable items that will help you achieve them. Whether it’s taking a class, expanding your online presence or updating your business plan, you can use this time to jump on opportunities that will put you ahead of your competitors. To give yourself an extra competitive advantage, seeking the advice of a business plan consultant.


Although the pandemic has brought incredible loss and widespread suffering, there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. The world is slowly opening back up, which means that your enterprise must adjust to the new normal to keep up. With these three tips, you’ll find more innovative ways to run your business, recover your revenue, and find more success.

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