How to Write a Business Plan for a Restaurant or Food Business


As anyone who spends time within the hospitality industry will know, it’s a very cut-throat and competitive location to work within. This is why having a business plan for restaurant development is so important; with so much competition, it takes something particular to catch the eye of the right people. It’s one of the main reasons why having a business plan matters so much; from a cake shop or bakery to a fast food restaurant, the idea has to be built upon fact and figures.

Writing a business plan, though, can be a significant challenge. If you want to be able to catch the eye of investors and planners, then you need to show a cohesive and intelligent plan of action for them to be able to trust in you. Knowing how to write a plan is tough work, though, so let’s take a look at some of the key areas that you would expect to see in a well-written business plan.

Since your business plan serves as a financial roadmap as much as an analytical tool for making sure you are on track, it has to be as convincing and as detailed as it possibly can.


The Key Sections of A Restaurant Business Plan


Executive Summary

The first section you almost need to include in a restaurant business plan is an executive summary. This is where you provide a rough summary of the entire business plan, the restaurant, its target market and likely competition within the area. It should be concise with detail packed into each of its short sections to attract interest


Detailed Description

You also need to be able to provide an informative description about the business itself. Write about details like address, contact details and also its legal formation (partnership, sole proprietor etc.) and also list your short and long-term goals for easy research and understanding for the reader.


Company Make-up

You need to also clearly detail who is part of the business itself. Is it going to be just you? Who is employed and in what position? What will the salary bill be? Include all salary and training costs alongside benefit and bonus schemes. Also, include costs for all appliances and equipment needed right down to the development of the restaurant to the equipment needed for cooking. Show inventory control methodology, too; this part must be as clear as possible.



From showing your competition to using analysis to show why your business will be a success in its target area, you have a great opportunity to take things further. From advertisement to licensing, through to the product lines you will be selling, you need to be as clear and as open as you possibly can about the sections in your restaurant business plan.


Financial Projection

Lastly, you need to provide key financial projections for the short and medium-term, as well as some kind of analysis that shows how you came to this conclusion in the first place. While it will take a lot of work to help get the information that you need, it’s a very important part of building a successful business plan for restaurant usage.


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